Health Insurance for US Citizens
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HELPFUL HINT:These policies may be cancelled at any time. When submitting your enrollment information, I recommend selecting the longest coverage option (360 days) so that you are not subject to the pre-existing limitation contained in this policy for an injury or sickness which may occur while you are initially covered by the program.

Example and True Story:I personally enrolled in this program in December for four 90 day terms (360 days). In January, I broke my foot in an accident. If I had only enrolled for one 90 day term, upon re-enrollment for any additional term, my foot injury would be considered a pre-existing condition. My initial enrollment for the four 90 day terms will cover the rehabilitation and treatment of my injury without being subject to the pre-existing condition limitation.

Your Customer Service Team at Associated Insurance Plans International, Inc can be reached at 800-452-5772.

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These insurance plans provide a solution for Individuals who have missed the open enrollment period in a traditional insurance program.

These insurance plans provide a solution for Students when school may not sponsor a group insurance program, and they are in need of immediate coverage in order to meet class requirements.

These plans work well for Individuals who need insurance coverage during the waiting period for their employer’s group insurance policy.

These plans provide Insurance options for Individuals between jobs.

These plans provide Insurance protection for Individuals waiting for Medicare eligibility.

These plans provide Insurance options for Immigrants to the United States.


There are no health questions!  You are guaranteed acceptance.  Premiums are based upon your age and zip code.  Coverage can be effective as soon as the date following your online application and premium payment.  Read the brochure carefully for benefit information, limitations, and exclusions.   Your insurance policy and ID Cards are emailed to you immediately following enrollment in the program of your choice.

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